Adam makes digital dreams come true. Zero ➱ One.

A full-stack engineer and maker, Adam takes ideas from zero to one. He also writes in the third-person and makes portfolios that look like landing pages.

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Adam's got (technical) skills.

These days, he's mostly writing Python and TypeScript. He's passionate about the cloud and infrastructure-as-code (IaC), especially the AWS CDK. He also enjoys taking on extreme challenges and lifelong learning.


Adam is happiest when he's building things and learning. Sometimes he needs to go head down and accomplish something that he isn't sure is possible.

12+ years as a software engineer
Polyglot engineer that's written code for Fortune 50 companies, startups (including his own), and everything in between. Adam enjoys mentoring and leading engineers as well as building out effective teams.
7+ years of building on AWS
Adam builds, deploys and monitors complex solutions on AWS. Certifications? He got them all... in six weeks. He's also a contributor to the AWS CDK and is a big proponent of IaC.
5+ years as a startup co-founder
Adam co-founded StatMuse, a Disney and Google backed technology startup making waves in sports and finance. He also served as CTO at StatMuse for five years.


An effective communicator, Adam leverages technology to solve problems. He has experience working with technical and non-technical stakeholders alike, having sat on boards and advised investors and founders.

12+ years working remotely
Adam has worked from home for his entire career. He has lots of opinions on how to work together from a distance, and even created a work status light for his young boys to know when he's busy.

Adam's work in the press


“Simply put, Adam 'gets it'. He is a rare combination of brilliant and supremely practical.”

Eric Haseltine
Former Executive VP, Walt Disney Imagineering

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Adam is easy to get in touch with. You can reach him with the contact info below or by filling out this form. He would also love to connect on Twitter and/or collaborate on GitHub.

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